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Encouraging Post by Keller

I am greatly encouraged to see Tim Keller's humble correction of his response in the interview posted about a week ago by Justin Taylor. Glad to hear that this is indeed not his first renouncing of these views but that he did so immediately. Wish this information had been made known and more communication had gone on before posting of the interview, since they appear to come from the same source: The Gospel Coalition

Praise God for humble leaders who readily and honestly admit their mistakes. I might add (in parallel to something I said in the previous post), that many who are willing to speak the truth in any situation are not always willing to admit their mistakes. Some who speak the truth no matter what have a harder time humbling admitting their faults. And thus, my hat is now off to Tim Keller, for whose example I am greatly indebted, and I hope I myself would be able to emulate.


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